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Elegy lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist The Hoodies and released on the Album A Place On Solid Ground. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Elegy lyric.

The water rushes against my front side*
It’s coming up towards high tide.
I’ll hold you steady while I can, while I still can.
But you never know what will come tonight,
And heaven knows I’m in it’s lights.
I’m the ticking clock, the set alarm
That you’ve so long relied upon.
Just stay right where you are.
Whoa, just come on home! Just come on home!
And the daylight is growing scarce,
But sunshine is in my head, and I’ll shine it,
I’ll shine it everywhere I go.
I can hear the angels calling me
And my father’s voice across the sea.
The words float in on wisps of wind,
They settle and they start again.
They say, “Stay right where you are,
Just stay right where you are.”
Whoa, just come on home! Just come on home!
Stay right where you are my dear,
Won’t you watch me walk right off this pier
And go on and on up to the sun?
We’ll leave all things behind.
Just follow me, you’re doing great!
Just don’t step out of time!
Down to, down to the watershed.
Down past the river bed,
Where we used to wonder what lay beyond here.
And out past, out past the signals sent,
Sent by the scientists from the largest satellite dishes.
Whoa, just come on home! Just come on home!

A Place On Solid Ground Album Song List

  1. Elegy
  2. Minuet
  3. Former Glory
  4. I Am Glass
  5. The Bright Lights
  6. Nocturne
  7. Old Friends
  8. Surface
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