Hate My Way Lyrics

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I could be a smack freak and hate society
I could hate God and blame Dad
I might be in a Holocaust, hate Hitler

Might not have a child and hate school
I could be a sad lover and hate death
I could be a neuro and hate sweat
No, I hate my way

I make you into a song
I can’t rise above the church
I’m caught in a jungle

Vines tangle my hands
And I’m always so hot and it’s hot in here
I say it’s alright

My pillow screams too
But so does my kitchen
And water and my shoes and the road

I have a gun in my head, I’m invisible
I can’t find the ice
A slug, I’m TV, I hate

A boy, he was tangled in his bike forever
A girl was missing two fingers
Gerry Ann was confused
Mr. Huberty had a gun in his head

So I sit up late in the morning
And ask myself again
How do they kill children?
And why do I wanna die?

They can no longer move
I can no longer be still
I hate my way

Throwing Muses Album Song List

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  2. Stand Up
  3. Hate My Way
  4. Delicate Cutters
  5. Call Me
  6. Rabbits Dying
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