Soap And Water Lyrics

Soap And Water lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Throwing Muses and released on the Album House Tornado. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Soap And Water lyric.

It’s like atomic theory
Don’t leave me when the train comes
Or when we die, don’t leave me in another life
It’s like atomic day

If you bring me to the light, I can’t twist the day
If you overrate me, I won’t talk
If you chain me, chain me, I can’t walk
If you walk me I’ll move
Oh, oh, oh

Can’t we go away?
You may bring me to another time
The school closed its doors
I caught three stars and grilled them

Pack the jury full of water
Only if they haul her off
She lives on tv, soap and water

She caught three stars and carried them home
In her doghouse, she does it sideways
She goes back to her jewel thief
She does it backwards, I don’t know her

I live on soap and water
I want a clean me
I want a washed hand
I wanna know my feet

My skin is unwashed
My skin is unwashed
Oh, oh, oh

I caught a star though

House Tornado Album Song List

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  2. A Feeling
  3. Soap And Water
  4. Garoux Des Larmes
  5. You Cage
  6. And A She Wolf After The War
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