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Lest old acquaintance be forgot
I lost your number in the rush
Our friendship suffered with my success
The wind it blew me on

Now I’ve been sacrificed to entertain
I went down smiling, it felt like pain
The wind it blew me on
The wind it blew me on

I’m just ice cream
It’s all rama rama
I’m just space dust
It’s all rama rama

I’m just ice-cream
It’s all rama rama
Thought I was high class
It’s all rama rama

So self important to this scheme
My tragic suffering no more than a dream
I’ve got friends in higher places
Don’t you recognize my faces

Millions want my auto photograph
Critics want to write my epitaph
I’ve got personal numberplates
I’ve got more money than Bill Gates

Run it, run it, run it back up to me
Life, my life on TV
Run it, run it, run it back up to me
I’m what you want to, if I can’t top this industry

My birthright feeling incomplete
I won’t get sucked into this greed
‘Cos I sing love is all you need
Lest old acquaintance be forgot

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