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When my daddy came home
With a bundle under his cloth
And when he opened it up
I felt a lump down in my throat
It was a little puppy from shivering in the snow
I said daddy, daddy
Please call the puppy Joe

Daddy daddy, please call the puppy Joe
I’ll do anything, but please don’t make him go
Daddy, daddy please I love him so
Because he’s not very big
And it’s so cold out in the snow

After a year or so
There was a dog show in town
Well, I gave Joe a wash
Put on a fancy collar I had found
And when the dog down the road won first price
I didn’t care
To me Joe was the champ
There wasn’t any other dog there


Years rolled on
Then dad said, I know it’s a pity
But I got a new job
And you can’t keep a dog in the city
I said, daddy , daddy, I got to take Joe
There was a tear in his eye as he said no

Daddy, daddy, please, I’ve got to take Joe
I’ll do anything please don’t make him go
Daddy, daddy, please, I love him so
Because he’s not very big
And it’s so cold out in the snow

Well, we found Joe a home
But I knew he wouldn’t settle down
And it wouldn’t be long
Before Joe was heading to town
But Joe was so old
And the city was such a long way
I guess he stopped for a rest
And he is still resting today

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