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Songwriters: Dally, Matt; Estelle, Brandon; Ghazarian, Dave; Brock, Tricia; Hsu, Max; Mckeehan, Toby; Brock, Melissa

We’ve been down to the bottom
Stories we got ’em, when we hit rock bottom
If you been there put your hands in the air
To let the lost know that someone cares
Cause we’ve been down to the bottom
Stories we’ve got ’em, when we hit rock bottom
If you been there put your hands in the air
And let somebody know that the Most High cares

I never knew that it would feel like this
When the two that raised you up and call it quits
Nobody told me ’bout the emptiness
When the place you call home is closed for business
I push the pain down, I gotta “get by”
Always knowin’ in my heart that it ain’t gonna fly
Rock bottom’s never felt so near before
And if pain is God’s megaphone it’s loud and clear
So hold me now father, human love ain’t enough
I’ve failed and been failed by the people I love
But your faithful arms they surround me
And any other soul who has to sail those seas
Of a broken family

Been so many times that I’ve been close to rock bottom
Tryin’ to look for answers but nobody’s got ’em
Like the time my mother looked me in the eye
Tryin’ not to cry, tellin’ me the cancer might cause her to die
How can this be, I thought that God loved me?
So why would he try to take my mother from me?
And as I cry myself to sleep at night, holding on my pillow tight
He spoke to me and said that everything gonna be alright
So I tried to fight all the pain that it caused
Try to move on and I try to stay strong
So put your hands up, hey, if y’all are feelin’ me
And put your hands up for everyone to see
So put your hands up, we all a family
So put your hands up, in unity, in unity

I’ve been there too
When everything falls apart and the best you can do is
Get through each day wonderin’ will this never end?
Is it always going to be this way?
And the greatest lie you’ve ever been told is that
You’re the only one to ever walk on this road
And that you’ll never see the light of dawn, so we came together to say
Hold on
Cause we’ve been there and found our way home
I promise you that you’re not on your own
One day this will pass, God will see us all through
God will see us all through, God will see us all pass through

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