Love In Disguise Lyrics

Love In Disguise lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Todd Rundgren and released on the Album Up Against It. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Love In Disguise lyric.

Sometimes things fall apart
That’s God’s love in disguise
And when I break your heart
That’s my love in disguise
When you awake in pain
It should come as no surprise

I’m not so sure I care
Yet still it must be there
My love is in disguise
And all you want are sweet lies

I see my problem now
(Don’t be a fool)
Her love was in disguise
(Look what she’s done)
Some fear that won’t allow
(She’ll do it again)

Her love to shed this guise
Pale, pure, and virgin things
(She’ll be our downfall)
So frail, it turns from my eyes
(Don’t believe your eyes)

It hides while I become
So hurt my heart is numb
When love is in disguise
The best you have is sweet lies

And then she’ll leave you all alone

Possessiveness and jealousy
We recognize easily
That which we all claim to prize
No one can recognize

The poor young sap is unaware of
Things that we are all aware of
The knife she hides behind her back
Misery, he’ll get his share of

The flowers must pollinate
The beasts are forced to mate

Woman and man decide
Yet, we’re not satisfied
God’s love is in disguise
And all we want are sweet lies

Sweet lies
Sweet lies

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