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ft. Rick Ross & Kevin Cossom

I don’t know if it’s love or lust
.. of a life time
But when I leave she’s calling me like I am life line
She says her night times feel longer when I am gone
She never wanna get up from bed when I am home
She really want to get used to me and try to
.. my heart used to be
I am so cold
But I feel change coming
The way I hit her make her feel like changed women
Nonstop won’t stop .. Let her play gotta coming non stop
Her nick name is on the way now she is fine when I am out of stare
You know she’s mine when the ballers try to holler she don’t even care
Nigger I got way more money I got way more potential
She knows more is coming to me
And she …


She got a really pretty little face
And she knows she got a body to match
..she is all mine
I give her anything
Just to keep her satisfy
She is all mine

Our play begins
I do my thing
I have my share
I won’t say no names
But it can’t compare
To my current flame
..she is the .. I make her scream
I am in the desired place I make her cream
Move to the fire place my favorite scene
..cover magazine
I am a movie star
See my sex machine
Doing everything
I am blowing heavy cream
First I dice it up
Then I ice it up
I am talking 50 carats
.. nice enough
..start screaming ..
I really feel you can


You got the Cds niggers out ..
Baby what is your name
She says she no speaking English
Getting her on twitter my space and facebook
..forget how her face look
You don’t got a chance .. when she is on my bad
Pussy .. this is where she wanna be
.. she hate the fact I am in the past she let her by ..
Gucci hand bag .. she got her own dope
Queen looking for a throne cause she got her own


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  4. Reala-State
  5. Intro
  6. All Mine
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