Borrowed Time Lyrics

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Songwriters: Lennon, John

Just silence, from the thunder
The reflection of a life
Can?t reveal the light inside
But it?s no wonder
Never took the chance to say
For whatever reasons why
Good intentions aren?t enough
Can?t afford to put them off anymore
But there?s nothing to do to make it right
Cause the path of our fate won?t be turned aside
Can?t expect anyone to understand
But the answer is in your hands

Cuz it?s borrowed time
When?s the dime running out
Yes it?s borrowed time
Just so much life
Without a doubt
Only borrowed time
Who decides, I wonder why
I can?t say goodbye

Daylight casts my shadow like the rest
Cause the world keeps going on
And I know that from beyond
You feel my helplessness
But if you were standing here
You would laugh about my fears
Like you always did before
You demanded nothing else
Than you ever save yourself
So what am I frightened for
You were the one
To lead the way
Never fooled by the lights
That lead us all astray
And the last one to think
The worst of things
Doesn?t change what
Tomorrow brings


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