Smiling Phases Lyrics

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Do yourself a favor, wake up to your mind
Life is what you make it, you see but still you’re blind
Get yourself together, give before you take
You’ll find out the hard way soon you’re going to break
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Smiling phases, going places even when they bust you
Keep on smiling through and through
You’ll be amazed at the gaze on their faces
As they sentence you

You don’t need a lawyer when you’re in a fix
Someone gets the pay off, you’re friends are full of tricks
How could you ask me something that you just can’t buy?
Own up to the truth girl, your loving will go by
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Your companion, brings you flowers
You just hang him up and keep him waiting there for hours
And you should see the look on his face
As you slide down the rail

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