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Call the police or let the neighbors hear you scream
Your center of attention.
Settle out of court, don’t want to make a scene.
Automatic reputation.

Guided by voices and led by thieves
Don’t move to California
And sell me out, cause I won’t, sell me out

Say what you want to gace to face or nothing matters at all.
That’s what you get.
Don’t talk around it.

Stop reading my mind and make the telephone ring
Waiting for the white out.
Put your soul on ice cause you can’t come clean
It takes one to fake one,
Forget about it.


At seventeen I had a break down, a psychic reading and a new sound.
I want to talk about the clear blue mourning
You read it, get it? Oh now forget about it.


Transmatic Album Song List

  1. Come
  2. Face to Face
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