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The other day I thought I saw you
Getting in a cab on Halston Street
There ain’t much good in this dirty neighborhood
Unless you’re looking for me, aw, but you’re not looking for me

Those were the darkest days and clearest nights
Jet black and angel white

Eagles on the Chrysler building
Look as though they’d like to speak
They’ve seen a lot of sad, sad cases
They never even blinked, aw, I wonder what they think?

‘Cause those were the darkest days, clearest nights
Jet black and angel white, jet black and angel white

And now you’re probably married, to that rich guy, what’s his name?
I had to ask, “Is that for real?” When I saw the engagement ring
You wore it for protection, to the dive you met me at
I’m glad to see you still so insecure

‘Cause those were the darkest days and clearest nights
Jet black and angel white

Aw, no shades of gray, no soft twilight
Jet black and angel white

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