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[Chorus: Bobby Bland “Blind Man” sample]
Blind man… standing on the corner…
Blind man… standing on the corner…

[Trife Diesel:]
Yo, the blind man on the corner that was begging for change
He passed away to cancer and his lungs spread to his brain
He saw the world through his dark optics, studied Allah’s knowledge
Even though he got high off his narcotics
Canteen full of booze, stay drunk off the cheap Vodka
In his hey day I heard he was a live heat popper
Valentine’s meat chopper, created a street opera
Back in 1983, he had the police popped up
His rep was legendary, old school like bread and jelly
In the course of an hour, he robbed like seven deli’s
It’s a lift, but some people said he was rich
And in one of these dirt fields is where he buried his chicks
Nobody knew he was sick, we just thought he was a schiz’
Especially, we he stripped and showed shorty his dick
To the old heads who stood on the block, the hood’ll miss you
Only til the next blind man take over ya spot

[Chorus x2: Bobby Bland “Blind Man” sample (Trife Diesel)]
Blind man… standing on the corner…
(Standing on the corner, joking with the shorties
Telling ’em hood stories, now he’s a goner)

[Trife Diesel:]
Some of the greatest entertainers were blind in our times
Plus they had to grind harder in order for them to shine
Look at Ray Charles, he was one of the illest musicians
He taught himself how to play the piano, with his condition
Even though he had millions, he also had an addiction
When he was high, he wrote his best music, in my opinion
Numerous awards, number one hits on the billboard
Now hip hop artists, sample his music when they record
There was others like Willie McTell and Stevie Wonder
Eddie Lang, the first blind white man to do his numbers
Willie Johnson, the great Art Tatum and Sonny Terry
Were the first pioneers, who influenced the blues heavy
Just imagine, plucking them strings, beating with your hands
Touring the land, without never seeing ya fans
That’s a gift from God, that we may never just understand
How a blind man became a composer, and lead the band

[Chorus x2: Bobby Bland “Blind Man” sample (Trife Diesel)]
Blind man… standing on the corner…
(Standing on the corner, whoever knew
That one day, that you would blow up and be a performer)

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