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Once I didn’t know about You when I wondered where I’d go
If I left this world behind, ohh
When I trembled when I saw the destination of my soul
And on bended knees I cried

Then my inners eyes were opened
Then I saw my only hope is to believe
You were sent to set me free

And I am forgiven, yes, I know You are risen
And opened up the door into heaven
I’m forgiven, ohh

What a Lord You are, a Savior full of mercy, full of life
Everlasting King of Kings, ohh
And what a price You paid to save the souls of those
That took Your life, the very ones that You forgave

With Your blood You washed me white as snow
And I don’t worry where I’ll go
No power can separate me from Your love

And I, I’m forgiven
(Am forgiven)
Yes, I know, oh yeah
(You are risen)

You are risen
(And open up the door)
Open up the door, ohh yeah
(Into heaven)
I’m forgiven

Look down, look down, please look down on me, Jesus
I want to thank You and praise Your holy name
(Praise Your holy name)
I look up, look up, up into the Heaven
And I know that’s where I’m goin’ one day

‘Cause I am forgiven, yes, I know You are risen
(And open up the door)
Into heaven, I’m forgiven, ohh
Ohh, ohh, ohh, ooo

Yes, I know, ohh
(I am forgiven)
(Yes, I know)
I know
(I am forgiven)

(I know)
I know I can face tomorrow because You live
(I am forgiven)
(Yes, I know)

I know I can face my sorrows
(I am forgiven)
Because of that love You’ve give, yeah
(I know)

Sweet Jesus gave His love to me
(I am forgiven)
Sweet Jesus died and set me free, woah ohh
(I am forgiven, I know)
(I am forgiven, yes, I know)
Ohh, noh
(I am forgiven)

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