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I was searching nearly all my life
For something I could feel inside
Walkin’ through a world of pain
And then I called His name

And I heard a voice inside my heart
One I never heard before
Then His spirit opened up my eyes
Down on bended knees I cried

And I thank God, He found me
Now Heaven’s all around me
Sweet Jesus, gave His love to me
Sweet Jesus, died and set me free

Once I was lost and in doubt of it all
But now I believe in sweet Jesus
Like a sparrow on a windy day
I was tryin’ to fly in vain

Didn’t know if I could make it home
Not until I saw Him calm the storm
Now my shelter is His endless love
Standing on the rock of blood

Now my life is living proof
Of what the Son of God can do
They gathered at the gravesite
Just to find an opened stone
And they all rushed in to see

But He was risen and gone
Now He’s living on and on

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