Milk And Mice Pocket Knife Lyrics

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Did you imagine it would end this way?
Applaud me this time, I’ve done it
A shot of you has never sold so cheap
Tragedy has never gone for less

A promise fits so warm and here
I’ve spent a lonely night
While attraction’s playing my song
These sour wings will dirty our flight

I said to myself, it’s only moving on the inside
It’s only beginning to show
You’re delicate, I’m your distraction
Did you ever imagine it would end?

Pull the trigger, don’t give up on me
I won’t leave here walking sideways
A shot of you has never sold so cheap
Tragedy has never gone for less

Show me your face, I’m sorry you hurt
Just lower the death you dream of
I’ll keep you sick on my drug

The first time we held hands, didn’t it smell?
And when I first gave you flowers, didn’t they bleed?
Did we sing that day? Dance, I remember I could smell the stems
Things just seemed to go on and on and on

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