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I’ve got this locked in my head
You want to see me dead
You’d rather push me aside
Than deal with my sickness inside
You all hope that I’ll fade away
Fuck you ’cause I’m never going away
There’s some one out to get me
They wanna watch me bleed

Show me what you got

You need to open your eyes
Realize that I’ve got a forty-five
It’s self-defense if I pull this trigger
And someone dies
Now I’m not talkin shit
I just want you to realize this
I give a fuck less now than I ever did
And it’s you that’s getting lit

Show me what you got

I can do this on my own
I don’t need your help just leave me alone
Make it hot make it hot make it hot
Who’s’ rockin this spot?
Everybody in this bitch
C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon

Show me what you got

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