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Yeah, you don’t have to play this on a Tuesday night
But check this out, this is Sunday morning in church
With the brother, the Godfather

Open up the testaments and let us read this
This ain’t no Flintstones and no Bedrock type stuff
Check it out, time to flip the scriptures

Checkin’ my style, return to zero
Checkin’ my style, return to zero
Checkin’ my style, return to zero
Checkin’ my style, return to zero

Well, I keep a style in tomes on my job and microphone
Mik make my flows, show a rapper what I give them
Don’t flex funky yo, kick it honey step back

Watch when I come, you scratch that kitty kat on top of that
Rappers know I’m X, slow down, watch me get stupid open
Dance for the ladies, I strip in Chippendale’s

Funky hypo or technical, lyrics make computer
With a brain that spins like Kid Capri, 33
Drop a 45 down just like the first record rotate

My style, my rhyme, my game is droppin’ doo doo lyrics
Make a brother say Keith is out, damn, I wanna hear it
Buy a copy tomorrow, kick his old tape

Take it back two times to smack his girl, let him go
Tell his uncle brother aunt and cousin Belle, ding dong
As I rock so well, spankin’ tail, check the beats

My style is so early, you couldn’t catch it on Bobbito
As I flaunt and I stretch just like a rubber band, poppin’
Stoppin’ every rapper like a trooper on a turnpike

I’m long and strong and just like the Lincoln Tunnel
‘Father, big up, check it out, back back
I switch switch, I check check, I know that

Bored as I kick up, you proud of me you know it’s me
I got more muscle to flex to show than Jodeci
Take off them panties, I turn Boyz II Men

Checkin’ my style, return to zero
Checkin’ my style, return to zero
Checkin’ my style, return to zero
Checkin’ my style, return to zero

Yeah, we want all them rappers out there
To check they styles and come back and return to zero
Yeah, what you need?

I don’t need, Bootsy Collins
I don’t need, Central ?
I don’t need, Roger Troutman

I don’t need, Zapp
I don’t need, Junior
I don’t need, Chic

I don’t need, Sister Sledge
I don’t need, pop
I don’t need, Bohannon

I don’t need, Led Zeppelin
I don’t need, Anthrax
I just need what I need

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