Seeker Lyrics

Seeker lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Unholy and released on the Album Gracefallen. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Seeker lyric.

I searched You there
In the reek of the night
In my hour of need
You bereaved me of thy consolation
Mercy I sought I never found in you
Where were you!?!?!
Prayed for You in my plight
Lonely roaming In search of you
You turned the Lion loose into the Night
On the back of the Pale
He loves me like a beast loves it’s prey
I’m only passing thru’
No one may stay
Ride cowboy, Ride, for one last time
The Lion is on the loose
In the Night

Gracefallen Album Song List

  1. Seeker
  2. ... Of Tragedy
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