Growing Process Lyrics

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Well, I wasn’t scared of you then
And I sure ain’t scared of you now
But sometimes, only sometimes
You know you move too fast once in a while

And I don’t know where you are when you’re here
Do you really smile when you smile?
And while your hair is growing, my hair is not

These edges can’t be walked you know
Come and let me straighten that for you
Yes, of course I will sing you a song
If you’ll massage my back

And you say it’s a deal
And I think it’s probably the best deal I’ve ever done
Only sad we never tried it out
We never got around to even try it out

The ability to speak
Is not always in place
Both our voices are
Working for you now, for you now

But I wasn’t scared if you then
And I’ll try not to be scared of you now
Maybe I’ll find out what you wanted me to do
And maybe I’ll find that it can’t be done

And the scary parts will find someone else
And I won’t fear you again
And I won’t fear you again
And maybe my hair will be longer then

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  2. Growing Process
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  4. Grey Encounter
  5. Story of Last Night
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