Ah Yeah Lyrics

Ah Yeah lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Urban Mystic and released on the Album Ghetto Revelations. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Ah Yeah lyric.

[Verse 1]
Feel like 800 degrees with
choppers in back of the jeep
ain’t nobody f*cking with me
cuz got thug on my family tree
so i’m a just ride away
hittin corners in a Escalade
choppin niggas up them blades
and Palm Beach on back today
and dog at the end of the day
thug niggas let me hear ya say
ah yeah

ahh yeah
ah yeah
(make um say)
ahh yeah yeah yeah
ahh yeah
ahh yeah

[Verse 2]
Girl would you give me a try (give me a try)
hope it don’t take long to reply (ah no)
cuz I got things to do (yes I do)
other than be f*cking with you
baby don’t waste my time
see if you gonna cross my line
ain’t no more thinking bout it
all I want to hear is you shout it
and i’m gonna make it fair
I guarentee you girl
i’ll make you say ah yeah

[Repeat Chrous Til Fade]

Ghetto Revelations Album Song List

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  2. In Da Ghetto
  3. Where Were You
  4. Long Ways
  5. Satisfy
  6. Ah Yeah
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