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Cheeseburger lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Veggie Tales and released on the Album Miscellaneous. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Cheeseburger lyric.

It started in the morning
With berries and whole wheat
And then it moved to lunches
With lo carb wraps no meat

And then to our frustration
The one that made him stray
The ultimate creation
Organic food buffets

I thought I could just
Replace you with soy
But it’s not the real McCoy

Hickory smoked
Ketchup soaked

He’s diggin’ on foods
Trendy and new
Yogurt, soy chips
And fat free tofu

Crispy fries
Super size

When he wouldn’t eat those burgers
We begged him to retreat
He said, “You cats are crazy
These bean pies are so sweet”

But now he sits and wonders
If he can break the spell
That he keeps fallin’ under
When passing Burger Bell

I have to stay cool
But they’ll think I’m a fool
But I’m starting to drool

Drive through snakes
Value packs

He’s diggin’ on foods
Trendy and new
Trail mix, green tea
And tuna fish stew

Special sauce
You’re the boss

Will he come back
When the cravings attack?
Is the cheeseburger the one
That’s still his special snack?

I think he found out
At the picnic out back
That the rice cakes
And the spinach pies
Just make him yack!

Oh man! This can’t be right
I’m dealin’ with a meal
That only birds would like!

Oh, you gotta know
That he’s wantin’ all that
Extra mayo, double cheese
Fifty grams of fat

I can’t take no more
I need my cheeseburger
Light the girl, cook up a thrill
He needs that burger now!

Late night runs
Seedy buns

When it’s late at night
And he needs some food
Just leave on the light
At the late night drive through

Onion rings
With that zing

You’ll be his special snake
When the cravings attack
Oh, I feel the love

Triple meat
I repeat

Yo Mr. Lunt and all the Boyz
What’s that you say
“We’ve made our choice”

Give me that burger
Make it a double

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