Heaven's On Fire Lyrics

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You think your soul is nice
You’ve lived in paradise
So now you take the stand
You want to hold your masters hand
You think your soul is free
Look up and you’ll see me
The pearly gates ablaze
The angels hear the zombies gaze

Heaven’s on fire
And there aint nothing you can do
Heaven’s on fire
And when you die you’ll go there too

The angels live their death
No there aint nothing left
The clowns of God despise
But torment renders no disguise
The skies a blazing tomb
Plenty sorrow plenty doom
They battle living sin
The souls of God can’t hope to win

If God is so almighty
Then why is he enslaved
In heaven’s hell by satan
The universe his slave

Satan rides the skies
Look up you’ll see his eyes
Disguised as endless stars
To keep an eye on endless wars
Do you believe in God
He’s chained up like a dog
And every hour he screams
Satan rules supreme

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