Moonthrone. Dawn Broken Lyrics

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Jest, wielki krÄ.g pÅ’omienny
Nad nim, starożytny blask najwyższy
Misterium poezji Å>mierci
Planeta obÅ’Ä.kanych

Recast thy omnipresence gone

Summon thy storms
The whirling winds
Raging upon

The ultimate

Conjure thy fire
Release the light
Blazing above

Fulfill the oath sworn

Thy sacred gifts
I will bring onto his altar
Together with the ones of mine

Miliardy Å>wiec
KlÄ kam wÅ>ród nich

Take my blood as a sacrifice for thy pain
The river of my tears shall flow
And describe a circle
Shall cause that the flames shall be more bright

I will come to proclaim thy glory
Infinite evilizing truth
But I will not rise before I wound my knees
With the stones of my dreams

Czarnych diamentów magia
ZapŒonie nieskoŔczonym szeptem
A my spojrzymy na taÅ”czÄ.ce cienie
Poprzez kosmiczne ognie tworzenia

ŨwiÄ.tynie uderzÄ. w dzwony
ObwieszczajÄ.c swÄ. wÅ’asnÄ. zagÅ’adÄ
A my powrócimy tam
Tam skÄ.d jesteÅ>my

And the flames shall flow with us
Now I follow the silence thou bringst

Recast thy omnipresence gone

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