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[** feat. Iyadonna:]

There it is*
You know it’s about to go down right
The place is here, and the time is now
come on

Virtuoso ask for her by name
Only the fliest mamis are playas in my game
Chocolate thai reign stay high like a plane
It’s Cambridge baby ain’t a damn thing changed
My aim, is to be the top dog
You yap ya trap but it’s only talk though
I’m not soft, the beef popped off the sweet got tossed
And even salty cats crawl on they back
We calm and relaxed, cause we know we got is sowed
Hey galito, o-ohhhh, hey yo
The Virtuoso blow O’s of dro
And yo the way reign there
I swear my nose should glow
I told ya so, sick like polio
It’s only four, twenty honey child you know
And yes ya dressed fresh on yo breast
Slip it off and girl let yo hips do the talkin’

We came to party, so girl shake yo body
Girl I see you want me, so let’s get it on
(Where all the ladies at)
(We came to party, so boy shake your body)
(Look I see you want me, so let’s get it on)

Giorgio Armani, Gianni, Versace
Glowin’ wrists, less chicks solo my type of party
Somebody, who came in them, fancy ringers
And’ll snatch me up to dance wid him
My women friends all hold it down
No poke holdin’ hands
At the bar wid bills out cause we holdin’ them
It was like, ten of them, and since my man ain’t here
let me attend to them, Avirex is dress-ted
On top of Armani X it’s for the big chested
My God, I’m so impressed and, fully rested
Anything get outta hand, it’s cause, we let it
Chickens get heated and call us conceited but they respect it
I worked real hard for the trump necklace
And I’m workin’ real hard toward the truck Lexus
G.S., no B.S., Iya stay holdin’ it down
Officialized down to a V.S


Gimme sixteen and I make a chick cream
Twist green dro flow ’til my wrist gleam
My top so hot ock I got spit steam
And get between more dips lips than Listerine
I’m slick machine oil I boil and bubble up
We tryna party why are y’all bringin’ trouble up
You want me catch me on the floor honeys rubbin’ up
Chocolate on both sides lookin’ like a double stuffed
Oreo cookie, and I’m sorry y’all rookies
Think I failed on a bet make a call to your bookie
Now, what’s the odds Virtuoso ain’t harder prints pressin’?
Just count ya blessings and thank God
That I made another record
My troops scoop and get the flava honeys naked
Gettin’ major money check it I
Smoke the lye and scope the thighs
And if you messin’ with my night I might choke a guy


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  3. Want Me
  4. Beatdown
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