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Viola, she watch me reign
Viola, my head engaged
As she dances the lilac bloom
Viola, can’t watch you

I let her into the sun in a jaded shade
I threw the people in a, in a shallow grave
And then she dances through the tear in my eye
I gave them candy, a mouthful of dirt

Don’t think I forgot
And don’t think I’m so strange
I ain’t your typical human
And I’ll tear your world apart

I left them in their heads as I, as I ran their line
I’ve seen their vision as I, as I all did die
I’ve seen their faces as they took them to their helm
I gave ’em shadows that never emerged

Father, where did you go?
Mother, what have you done?
Well, you bashed my head in
You made me crazy

Murderer, murderer, murderer
I’ll murder her
Murderer, murderer, murderer

[Incomprehensible] days in your eyes
Something wrong
Something wrong

I’ll lay you
I’ll lay you on the ground

It’s too long
It’s too long since I tasted control
It’s too long
So long, so long since I tasted control
In my head I feel my pain
I saw your game

All is dead
All is dead
All is dead

I’ll cut you down, Viola
I’ll cut you down, my mother
I’ll cut you down
I’ll cut you down
I’ll cut you down


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