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Our domain, this kingdom come
Now godless lands whose ways are lost
Without the strength to carry on
All values lost, all virtue gone

Did you think that you would be saved
By burning flags to cleanse yourselves of shame?
Or are you afraid, are you afraid
As you stare back at your face?

Or are you ashamed, are you afraid
By destroying what the gods once made?
Do you think that you would be saved?
Do you think that you would be saved?

I believe that we’ll conceive
To make in hell for us a heaven
A brave new world, a promised land
A fortitude of hearts and minds

Until I see this kingdom is mine
I’ll turn the darkness into light
I’ll guide the blind, my will be done until the day
I see our kingdom has been won

No more the servants of the weak
Devoid of thought or light to seek
I’ll leave no walls, no stone unturned
Every tower must be razed to the dust from which it came
And none will be spared, no remnant saved

And are you ashamed, are you afraid
Of the gods and idols that you have made?
Do you think you would be saved
By the gods and idols that you have made?

None will be saved
None will be saved

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