Old Friends Lyrics

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(M. Spohn, R. Peinelt, A. Torkler)
(from the album “InFormation”, 1995)
I got a little red book with my poems in
from Juliet and Marylin
they tell about the good times
but that’s so long ago
and now as time went by
Julie’s got children and Marylin
is still just looking for
a one night love affair
there’s a time to laugh and a time to cry
goodbye old friends – goodbye
I read in my little red book full of memories
and I think of all those used-to-be’s
of Marylin’s and Julie’s dreams
that all belong to history
I wonder if everything went right
I remember Julie being a happy bride
and Marylin stood there all alone
with big tears in her eyes
even though these times are all long gone
all the memories linger on
I won’t forget these friends of mine

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