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All I Need lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Waka Flocka Flame and released on the Album Salute Me Or Shoot Me 3 (Mixtape). CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song All I Need lyric.

I sit back think of everything i got ever giving life when I got shot
Truth to being the biggest dope boy on the block
Rocks in my signs watch this drawers full of weed
Hear me up shawty I got everything you need
You know my game you know my team, our fiber’s long green
Yo all niggers 17 got no thangs to see
Headed down the road but parking mad
…you know we miss you, what’s to live for, why you judging me
I’ma be all i can be, I never been the same since …left the streets
Had a when a nigger tried to kill me, rage in my eyes now they think I’m crazy
Wild animal, they need to cage me, all I need for violent keep real with me
‘All I need, is a blunt and a cup, a couple bad bitches keep it real with me’
‘All I need, is a new foreign whip, soft leather no rims just factory’
‘All I need is for god to have my back, accomplish all my goals before I die’
All I need

I just wanna know shawty why these all niggers hating on me
They claim to be the greed, I’m just trying to get some money
I got tired of not having shit, fucked up shoes and dressing for me
I can’t sell cause they’re leading gang bang all my life
Sometimes i feel like there’s no way, but I’m trying to find a way
For my partners run away, before they thought they liked a way
Trying to get some good strikes like a referee, while these many men was on me
Fell in love with drugs you call my girlfriend ecstasy
Low get down away from me, while critics keep on stressing me
Hip hop keep neglecting me, learn my brain…before you bring me down
Trying to on me, like I’m bobby brown
But they kinda love the flocka sound, my worry’s deep
If you ain’t tolling up you might drown, motherfucker

All I need is a bad bitch, one blonde, one coup
All I need, is a blond and coup, a couple of bad bitches keeping real with me
All I need, a new wheels, so I’m loving no real, just
All I need the car to have my back, a compass on my before i die
This is all I need, flocka

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