Let Me Die Lyrics

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[music: breitenbach – zur heide – eilen]
[lyrics: eilen]
[arranged by WARHEAD]

Incident of shame
The pope and his slaves want to tame
Other points of view
Non-religion is not true
What is god, is he
A point of view i cannot see?

Let me die
I want to see god

Fifteenth century
A witch in mortal agony
Priests told women with red hair
They’d better “take care”
They didn’t need a reason
For bloody treason!

Let me die
I want to see god

So what is church to me?
Church is pain and misery!
And what did they learn?
Many people they have burned
There is one thing for me
One thing i would like to see!

Let me die…

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  2. Let Me Die
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