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When you gotta go, you gotta go
And so although you’d like to stay a little while
You’ve gotta show a little style, and exit smiling
Goodbye to all that
Just reach for your had
And go on your own sweet way
You know in your heart
Although you are parting
You’ll live to love another day

When you gotta fly, you gotta fly
And though your sky tomorrow may not be as bright
Be glad you had a spot of light
To spend a while in
So, pocket your pride
Though deep down inside
The tears that you’re crying
Ain’t easy to hide
When you gotta go, you’ve just gotta say good-bye

In the wee, small hours of the morning
While the whole wide world is fast asleep
You lie awake, and you think about the guy
And never, ever think of counting sheep
When your lonely heart has learned it’s lesson
You’d be his if only he would call
In the wee, small hours of the morning
That’s the time you miss him most of all

So just walk away
And don’t turn your head
What more can you say now
That hasn’t been said
When you’ve gotta go
When you’ve gotta go
Oh, when you’ve gotta go
You’ve just gotta say
“Good night, and thank you very much.”

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