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A big mouth, a big mouth

There’s a rumor bein’ spread about me and the crew
About somethin’ we did or supposed to do
You might not have heard it or maybe you have
But when I first heard it all I did was laugh
I used to get angry and all uptight
But you could say what you want, just spell my name right
?Cause all I’m ever guilty of is rockin’ the house
But that’s not what the rumor was all about
Now if you’re like Yvette tell all your friends
And if you don’t wait until you see me again
This way I could hear it from the horses mouth
And right then and there we could straighten it out
Because I don’t get involved with he said, she said
So take my advice and quit while you’re ahead
Because one day I might not laugh
The day your mouth writes the check your behind can’t cash

You got a big mouth, a big mouth
You got a big mouth, a big mouth
A big mouth

People used to say that you had a big mouth
And now I understand what they’re talkin’ about
Because what we do is just between me and you
Not somethin’ that you run and tell your crew
But you had to tell Sharon and she told Carol
Then the story rode on just like a wheel barrel
Carol told Dee Dee and she told Pam
And Pam was overheard talkin’ to her man
Pam was told Cookie what she thought she heard
And somehow Eazy E had got the word
He told somebody I knew from uptown
And they called me up and put me down
Now the whole darn story’s been changed around
And that’s the reason why I’m not with you now
Because you never shoulda opened your mouth at all
And I wouldn’t have no reason to make this call

You got a big mouth, a big mouth
You got a big mouth, a big mouth
A big mouth

Now you’re the Don Dapper of the neighborhood
And every time I see you you’re up to no good
You’re just like a snake crawlin’ on the ground
Lookin’ for some new dirt to spread around
Then you stick out your tongue and start spreadin’ lies
And now somebody else has been victimized
You may stop for a while, then you’re at it again
And you always got to have the last word in
They call your mouth Almighty, tongue Everlastin’
You ain’t satisfied unless somethin’s happenin’
You don’t have to be there no more than a minute
But you always got to have your two cents in it
So to all you big mouths this jam’s for you
Some’in’ else you could run and go tell your crew
?Cause we made to be big so we could rock the house
But we also made it big enough to fit in your mouth

You got a big mouth, a big mouth
You got a big mouth, a big mouth
A big mouth
You got a big mouth, a big mouth
You got a big mouth, a big mouth
A big mouth
You got a big mouth

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