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Strap-A-Holics with the Trap-A-Holics, Wooh Da Kid, Wooh Da King

Decisions, We all make decisions
Don’t make the wrong move and get plucked like a pigeon
You decide, your fucking homicide
If I catch a lil niggah trynna break into my ride

Decisions, we all make decisions
We all take positions you a hero or a villain
You decide, your fucking homicide
I hope he trained to go when I say it’s time to ride

[Verse 1]
This niggah screamin’ like hurry up it’s time to go (Rushh)
All this talk at who got snaps on my packs row (Sceerrtt)
Niggah chill out, relax and enjoy the ride (Yes!)
Black car, black niggahs, equal homicide
Now we pull up to the house of a fuck niggah (Yeaaahhhh)
Sleeping on yah enemies got you touched niggah (Grrrrr)
Don’t make a sound (Shhhh)
We through the door (Yes!)
We kill this niggah, take the cash, we out the door
My lil greedy ass homie like I need more (Why)
We took the cash, what the fuck we need the TV’s for (Stoopid)
His lil shordy came shootin’ through the closet
But that’s the decisions you make when you into robbin’


[Verse 2]
Now back to the story (What)
This bitch bussin’ (Yess!)
30 round clips squeezin’ like it ain’t nothin’
I look down my lil homie head split (Yes!)
The next thought in my head this a dead bitch (Grrrrr)
I get low thinkin’ bout my next move (Yes!)
I don’t care if its a chick yah better not snooze (Nooo)
Get revenge or leave I gottah choose (Yes!)
But I’m ridin’ for my niggah that’s what homies do (Yes!)
An I already know Jay gone away (Wooop)
But It gottah be done she gon die today (Yes!)
Got her done but the whole force outside (Wooop)
I decide right now, Life or Homicide? (Grrrrr)


[Verse 3]
I know it’s on sweat pourin’ from my head (Yes!)
But I gottah choose now or I’m fucking dead (Yeaahhh)
I hear foot steps runnin’ and they gettin’ close
I ain’t diein’ over bread, So I raised my toast
Can’t freeze up now or it’s over with (Yeaahhh)
I’m a villain so you know I’m on that murder shit (Grrrrr)
Fate decide right now, What’s the outcome? (What)
I think I chose death now ask me am I dumb (Grrrrr)

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