One Night Her Lyrics

One Night Her lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Wooh Da Kid and released on the Album Strap-A-Holics (Mixtape). CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song One Night Her lyric.

*yo wat up daddy, my dude took my phone & he might call you.. im just letting you know im still tryna fuck!*

one night her, gotta go bitch. i fucked her, thats yo bitch! i aint gone argue with you niggas, thats yo bitch!i fucked her.. and my whole click. one night her, gotta go bitch. i fucked her, thats yo bitch. i aint gone argue with you niggas thats yo bitch. i fucked her.. and my WHOLE click!

he calls me, hes crying, shes married, shes lieng! he cake her and ice her. dick her and vice her. why da fuck you call my phone? why you want my choppaz? you gone wife a raw chick bbygirl a popper!i just picked her up. met her at a bus stop. da way he handCUFFIN shawty i think he a copper! my bru seen em in the bed left em drastic! she no coming back .. its a closed casket! she casa, su casa. he gone pull a C.I.A up in my block!


lil cap:
thats yo bitch! i fucked ha! still choosing me, so why you wanna come fuh? she all on my ball like im at the roskas & you wanna kiss so you a stoupid muthafucka! gucci hit her first den past ha to wooh. he passed ha to me shit i passed ha to the group! its M.O.B bitch you aint foolin me?! aye gone give dat roosta neck, cock-a-doodle-doodle me! ima big dawg yo mane is a pussy! usualy i make em pay, but i wont charge him a fee ; SIKE ! from the shower, to the bed, to the flo’bitch, you cant spend da night its time for you to go * BITCH BYE! *


Strap-A-Holics (Mixtape) Album Song List

  1. Everything Bricksquad
  2. Jackboyz
  3. One Night Her
  4. My Mind Gone
  5. 4 Door Porsche
  6. Follow Me
  7. Decisions
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