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Songwriters: Wolbert, Anke; Nooten, Pieter A G; Moorings, Ronny

I am shrouded in darkness
I crouched in wasted years
I lingered, I can’t get through
Dazzled between far and near
Like the elegies relate to days beyond recall
I lingered in many memories

And again I stumbled through the back door
Seeing you, a misty shadow
I feel my repression
I can’t go on
And again I am falling backwards
Tomorrow I will be here again
A silent mute of a black desire
Tomorrow I will be here again
Tomorrow I’ll be here again
Be here again
Be here again

I am tired of tears and laughter
Or what may come hereafter
I am weary of days and hours
Desires, dreams and powers
Although it makes me weep
It is you
I wanna keep
I wanna keep.

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