Doubts Lyrics

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I ask myself, what is the meaning?
Of words like love, I may be dreaming

I may be dreaming, I may be dreaming

In fright of love, I holler
If not in love, I desire

Soon it will pass like a slow procession
From far away the shadow is rising

It’s calling me, it’s calling me, it’s calling me, it’s calling me

Will it be wrong or right? Will it come with delight?
Will it come with a curse? Will it be better or worse?

And sweet with every sound? Will it stand on solid ground?
Save me from myself, darkness reigns at twelve

Dead water, dead sand, dark clouds will descend
Here where all broken hearts, cherish solitude in the dark

Sometimes I picture you, sliding into substitutes
Not knowing if I’m strong, not knowing what’s begun

I fall for you, I fall for you, I fall for you, I fall for you
I am falling, I fall for you, I am falling, I fall for you

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