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The age of science has failed to explain
Our universe in rational terms
Consequently the power of magic has gradually
Emerged from our conscious minds
To fathom the unfathomable

Our most distinguished scientists reluctantly admit
That mankind is nothing but some billion creatures
Sitting on a piece of solar driftwood, floating in space

Magic is the art of influencing the cause of events
By the intervention of spiritual forces
Or some other occult device

According to Arthur C. Clarke
Any sufficiently advanced technology
Is indistinguishable from magic
Early civilization often mistook
The unexplainable world around them to be magic

Rupert Sheldrake in his book
‘Seven Experiments That Could Change the World’
Has stated that scientist’s attitude toward their experiments
Affect the results of their experiments

There is no such thing as a definite fact in science
And therefore the irrationality of magic
Plays an important part in our rational world

Werner Heisenberg, the leading 20th century physicist
Has stated that mass is a physical interpretation of energy

Religious organizations have understood the power of magic
And therefore monopolized the interpretation of the supernatural
To control the human mind

The universe as a whole is beyond explanation

Only at the end of the 20th century
The Roman Catholic Church admitted
That the great visionary Galileo Galileo was in fact, correct

The second millennium has come to an end
Scientists have to admit that the universe is magic

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