On & Poppin' Lyrics

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It’s on and poppin
and on and poppin
and on and poppin
yes it’s on and poppin
oh yes it’s on and poppin
and on and poppin
and on and poppin
yes it’s on and poppin

Verse 1

show me the money
ain’t no time to act funny
I’m a pick up the mic and rhyme for you honey
cause the party got started 9: 30 or so
it’s a quarter past ten so I gots to go
with the key in the ride and I starts to cruise
a foundation boom at the house of blues
pull up as a velt parked the ride
a boy says yo yo let me get inside
but I only got one can’t swing it now brother
if you ain’t got juice than you must pay the comer
no disrespect gotta move gotta bounce
got a lady and a cold drink waiting by the couch
as I hit the do’ see people I know
lookin’ at the big screen as they start the show
gettin’ in the flow and there ain’t no stoppin’
tonight’s gon’ be right cause it’s on and poppin


Verse 2

now as I sort to rear to take stock of the crowd
I see fine faces of girls all around
spotted one honey in particular
who had me thinkin’ of some extra cirricular
with a physique so tight it was strange
could put a dollar in her body and she’d spit out change
T Bone said man, can you beileve the women
I said naw as I got my 7-up with lemon
so I walked on over to the change machine
said you’re the hottest honey hangin’ on this scene
we could sit for a while talk about our dreams
or we could take it to the bridge if you know what I mean
she said slow your roll hold on take your time
I think I know your face somebody said that you rhyme
I said my name is Young and I do hip hop
and if I get to hang witcha than it’s on and poppin


Verse 3

now every night is new year’s eve
when you got a fine lady hangin’ on your sleeve
and I’ve never been much for make believe
so I’m a put it down propper by the time I leave
E-man what up, then he told me hi
I seen you talkin’ to the lady that was oh so fly
I said yeah later on we’ll be hooking up
turn around and this lady was booking up
like a bat out of hell runnin’ down the stairs
and this wasn’t in my plans for the sad welfare
hopped in the 300 she was out like slick
damn why that lady gotta be so quick
so I headed back home with my feelings hurt
and was it bad cologne or mouth wash not workin’
then I hit the brake didn’t know what to say
see the same 300 parked in my driveway
she said babe I’m sorry I hope you’re not bitter
got a 9-1-1 call from my baby sitter
I’ll make it up tommorrow when I take you shoppin’
I said good I need some Jordans and it’s on and poppin


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