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I’m taking you to Spain,
I won’t accept “no” as an answer…
I’m taking you to Spain,
To find the love that we’ve been after…
My days were filled with rain,
Until you turned rain into laughter…
I’m taking you to Spain,
So let’s go…

We’ll travel to Paris,
Or Paris`…
Whatever makes you happy,
We’ll walk on the beach,
And gaze at the stars…
And I’ll tell you that I love you…
I love you…


Walking through the gardens,
I will pick you all the flowers…
We’ll stay up late at night,
And we will talk for hours and hours…
Or mi amor, we’ll watch el bulls y el matador…
You be my senorita, and I will be your senor…
Because nothing can be more right,
Than us tonight…
I wanna fall in love with you tonight…

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