Doesn't Seem Ideal Lyrics

Doesn't Seem Ideal lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Your Demise and released on the Album You Can Only Make Us Stronger. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Doesn't Seem Ideal lyric.

The thing that pushes me harder
Is the fact you don’t believe in anything that I stand for
And you’ll never try to see why I live my life this way
Why I’m different from you
I don’t mean to spite anyone with anything I do

I keep my head in tune with the feelings in my heart
You always come around
Why not trust me from the start?
Cos it doesn’t suit you this time, and doesn’t seem ideal
At least I’m making a difference, and this change is fucking real

The things I say, the things I feel
Why can’t you support what doesn’t seem ideal?
Break out your mould
Break out of the same old shit
My life is everchanging
You’ll just have to accept,
I’m fucking proud of who I am, there’s no changing me
I’m proud of what I’ve become
And this is the way I want to be

And once again you change your mind
It’s funny how I can see from your perspectives
But you’ve no time for mine.

You Can Only Make Us Stronger Album Song List

  1. Doesn't Seem Ideal
  2. You Only Make Us Stronger
  3. Hole Hearted
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