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Look to the stars tonight to find all that I need
Still there’s no sign of the answer that I seek
Gaze through the window of all the faces unknown
Cold, dark and empty eyes with so far to go

I found the world inside, my head no longer turns
It’s lonely emptiness within me that burns
But still I’m searching, searching madly
For the reason of the rhyme
And if I could find the answer I’d have it for all time

But I can’t wait for tomorrow
I can’t wait for the stars or the sun
Or the seas to guide me
I can’t wait for tomorrow
Yet I know that I’ll find

Winds of change blowing strongly
Winds of change, whispering

Deep in my heart I’ll find where to start
And follow the light to the end
And the truth will be told for the young and the old
As the winds of change will blow

Never, never, never lonely
Standing on your own
You’ll face the fears of all of your years
And finally it’s you that you know

You can’t wait for tomorrow
You can’t wait for the stars
Or the sea or the sun to shine on you
You can’t wait for tomorrow
Listen for, you, you better listen for

Winds of change blowing strongly
Winds of change, whispering
Winds of change blowing
Blowing, blowing strongly
Winds of change whispering

Whispering, blowing strongly
Oh, whispering, blowing strongly
Seas, whispering, sun’s shining on me
When the west wind blows and it’s time for me to go
In the winds of change, whispering

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