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Look out man, quit tripping man, how you gone tell me
To choose between you and the streets, don’t you know
If I leave the motherfucking streets alone
How are we gonna get the rent paid and the
Motherfucking bills paid, knowI’msaying
You got to cover my eyes remember

Baby stay down with me through thick and thin, and I promise it’s gonna pay off
Though hurts you like a sailor cause baby you need to stay soft
You took me on a ride, without no breaks to mash
The things you do it make the average nigga hate your ass
But I just love it when you cuss at a nigga, when it’s all good
In the bed when your finger nails clutching a nigga
You said you’d always be there, and not to worry about a thang
But when I started to struggle you left a nigga to hang
What kind of shit is when you want to see your woman tonight
On top of that there was no food, phone, water or lights
I had a state be thought of suicide, nobody could move it
You took the pistol from my head when I attempted to do it
Baby I know that I be tripping sometimes
It’s just because I never owned anything that’s mine
Understand my situation and be patient and we’ll make it in the end
Want you to be the first to ride around in my benz
baby to know me is to love a thug

Forgive me baby I’m a thug
I make all my money from selling all these drugs
I’m in it to win it and I don’t want to lose
But I slowed down my hustle cause I’m digging you
And I, won’t keep on hogging you
Even though you’re the only girl I’m talking to
I’m in it to win it and I don’t want to lose
But if I lose you, it’s all a part of paying dues

We went from good to better, better to worse then we separated
I should of beeped you to apologize but I guess I changed
Cause I be feeling like you wanted to end
Don’t want to be your enemy baby, but I can’t be your friend
Female associates are gone, miss, I loved you
And treated your kid as if he was my own kid
So if you think I was affatuated, bet one hundred c-notes
That I show you what it is to be broke
When I was ready to misbehave and get paid, my nigga run at me now
Knew it was peticular car cause I got you on my mind
Even all the days of my life I want you staying with me
But the way it’s been it don’t get gravy until you laying with me
Cause we be at eachother’s thugs like we were crypts and bloods
Always the first to say I’m sorry grab your hips and shove
I want to kick it but I got business to handle with my crew
Call me later when you ready to say I do
baby to know me is to love a thug


Forgive me baby I’m a thug, what happened to all the capping
Now that I’m rich you want to greet me with kisses and hugs
I had to stop chasing you, I chose to chase my feddy
Now I get promenade in an escallade, and be low keyed in my cheve
Now you looking like you want to curse
Never put trust in the woman or a nigga, only put trust in my verse
Cause if it is well then I’ll understand
if you ain’t helping me making you could find another man
I’ll get my pen and she is number one in my state
Got ladies looking from me head to chest then the navel
Willing and abel to be dedicated from the heart
Must of mistaken me for yourself that’s why I cheated from the start
Freaky in the dark, baby I bet I make you cum
And if your nigga don’t like it, I bet I’ll make him run
I bet these bitches be tripping over the way I run through em like socks
Like them old niggas run through throw away glocks
Should of known me is to love a thug


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