Thistles Lyrics

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You’ve been around making no sound
Me and your mind my child
You’re getting stressed about passing the test
That make up the days of your life

You gotta change, turn the page and upstage
All of your days starting now
Well, you heard the girl, it’s your world
And you get your way

Girl, she’s telling you now, this is how
You can get her to stay, ye
You gotta get on board that’s all, to desire and inspire
Henry, you gotta get on board
Tonight that’s war until you find you walked

I will carry you
I will carry you

You gotta make your move
Careful how you choose
And I’ll be here if you fall
Well, you got some fight
You just might be alright
If you stay

I’ve started to listen
You’re missing
The best share of days

‘Cause here is your big chance
You can blow this romance
Strike while the iron is hot

Tell her the truth
Tell her all about you
Tell her you know what you’ve got

‘Cause you write the book
Just how
Her will it look
She’ll run straight into your arms
‘Cause you are the man
She made plans to be with in this life

And you make her happy, yes, you can
You gotta trust that she’s right
‘Cause you are the man
She made plans to be with in this life

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