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A cut lip, shirtless, water on a bee’s wing
Circles and stings, the back of the neck
Throw the hose down, frown, leave the flowers behind you
The pavement burns the soles of your feet

Stand still sun
Stand still everyone

See your shadow, it’s long
It’s too early to be late
Your body grows heavy
There’s a fog in your brain

The scales tip, bent hips
You’re back on your heels
And slowly the night
Strips the light from the day

Stand still sun
Stand still everyone

Twenty-three degrees is all that it leans
And for a moment time stands still
All the music and verse man and beast they traverse
To be closer to its golden light

The temples we erect to catch a sun negligent
To give us all just this one chance
To harness its power to a golden chariot
And ride it from the east to the west

Six A.M., pull yourself up straight
Pulleys and ropes groan under your weight
Some things you know, others you fight
Some things you never seem to get right

Stand still sun
Stand still everyone

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